Health promotion can be affect by many factors; our socioeconomic conditions, lifestyle pattern in terms of what we consume, our family background and environmental conditions.
Decreased in promotion the public health can lead to a number negatives. There can be rise in communicable diseases, reemergence of disease and also new diseases forming. Regardless of these conditions, promotion the public health can be achieved through various medium.
We live in a world of transformation; new development taking place, new studies being done. Technological advancement increased, Urbanisation taking place. whilst these are good, they can be very dangerous as they sometimes lead to a lifestyle that is not positive for an individual.
Living in a fast pace environment sometimes leads to stressful and busy lifestyle. it can also leads to a sedentary lifestyle. Stressful life often leads to smoking which in turn emits toxins in the environment that breaks down promotion the public health. Sedentary lifestyle often leads to increases in unwanted diseases and then less productivity.